Friday, March 03, 2006

2/19 attending my cousin's wedding

we are a big happy family! ;D

this is a very big news in my family~
coz of my mother's side(??) ~
he's the first person of my generation who is getting married!!
oh! to be more specific--- got married now~
i was really very happy to see all of my cousins in this wedding~
especially since we went into Uni. one by one,we haven't gotten together for about 2 years~
maybe it's because of my age~
recently i can feel the pressure of TIME ~
it flies so so so fast~
when i saw my cousin leading his wife by the hand in the wedding~
i felt like as if all of us were still playing together in my grandma's house.....
those past days~those momeries~
i'm really getting old here~~!!!


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