Monday, March 20, 2006

been waiting for these pic for a long long time~

i feel like Peter pan!! XD
this is really funny!!
i didn't buy them though~
we just bought from the next booth~
as you all know~i worked in the International book affair last month.
the booth next to us sold toys from German.
of course, the owner was a German.
while i felt bored and Alex(who worked in the booth exhibited Franch books) felt bored too~
the booth selling toys was always busy!!
and the most important of all
their owner always sang a song that sounds happy and definitely made it himself..... :p
and those are the instrument he played with!!
actually~he had a whole set clothes!!!
really interesting~
oh! and this pic was taken by Nancy~
thanks a lot!!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

my last semester....

don't understand what are those professors thinking about?!
trying to leave us some unforgetable memories?
grab the last chance to give us a hard time?
we all know that there always is a few report for students.
and they chose to make students do big big report this semester?!
is this some kind of last test or sth?!
there's no other way except acept it !!!
by the way~
i finally uplaod the photos of my cousin's wedding~

Saturday, March 18, 2006

disappeared for a while....

nothing special~
everything is the same~
the only different is that....
i'm trying to catch the last moment of my days in Uni.
trying to make some more memories,
do some thing more special or some thing i won't be able to do when i'm not a student,
i wanna leave more things that i won't feel regret while recollecting.
cherish sth right before it's disappearing
yeah~i think this is what i'm doing right now~

Friday, March 03, 2006

2/19 attending my cousin's wedding

we are a big happy family! ;D

this is a very big news in my family~
coz of my mother's side(??) ~
he's the first person of my generation who is getting married!!
oh! to be more specific--- got married now~
i was really very happy to see all of my cousins in this wedding~
especially since we went into Uni. one by one,we haven't gotten together for about 2 years~
maybe it's because of my age~
recently i can feel the pressure of TIME ~
it flies so so so fast~
when i saw my cousin leading his wife by the hand in the wedding~
i felt like as if all of us were still playing together in my grandma's house.....
those past days~those momeries~
i'm really getting old here~~!!!