Thursday, February 23, 2006

part time in Taiwan kadokawa

my personal pass card~
from next Mon.
i'll start to work in Taiwan kadokawa publish co.~
though it's just a part time
i'm happy to have the chance to see what publish co. do!
and i got free tickets of FINAL DESTINATION just 2 hrs before it.
so i went to see with my future co-worker ~
there is only 2 words of my comment
that is............................yuuuuuuuuuuu~! disgusting!
OH! one more~
i think i'll never go to play roller coaster again!!
NEVER AGAIN!!!! seriously!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

that's the place i'd been working for 60 hrs

my little booth.......
quite nice to make some new friends!!!
those who can speak Franch~
it looks just like.......
the only thing that is different is the languages we've been learning ~
but actually~
it is the language that makes everything different!!!
you know what i mean...
the way we speak~
the posture when we talk~
the totally different culture behind the language!!!
i think i shell keep bowing and repeating "hai !"........
coz this is the way it is !!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Taipei International Book Exhibition 2006

this is what i've been and will be busy doing these days~
from 2/7~2/12
i work part-time in Japan Kadokawa's place.
though it's not well-paid and sometime boring,
it really is a very very good experience.
work with Japanese
and heard from other people who work with other country's boss~
through this
you can see how different the way they work between different countries~
it's quite interesting~
i'll post some thing after it's over.
and here is the web site
if you are interested, just check it out~

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

buy a billion's hope

my second lottery
first one was about 2 years ago~
the news said that the jackpot is up to billion~
so i bought a billion's hope~
i know that it's impossible
but it's ok~
use only 100 NT can buy a billion's dream.

change the photo in the header

i took it in eastern Taiwan.
just came back from there last night~
once in a year's family trip was really really awesome!
though it was only 4 days 3 nights~
it's totally enough to keep some great memory!!!
the first 3 days was a little bit rainy,but the last day was a great great sunny day!!
.. ^______^ ..
good food,good room,good car,good weather,and a good family~
perfect combination!!!