Tuesday, December 27, 2005

when you think it's no big deal...

you are totally WRONG!!
people really should be careful in everywhere on everything !!
sometime things you think are no harm~
then it do harm once you did !
human~full of feelings and thoughts.
they are effected eazily!!
maybe not every one is strong enough to take every thing eazy!!
maybe not every one has the same feeling with you!
maybe every one should be more discreet & more mature!
after all we are over 20!
i'll learn from that~
from your mistake!!!
so you should too!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

first Christmas card~ *>_<*

today i got the first Christmas card~
the feeling of getting it is very happy & surprised !
i remembered that i was very happy writing those Christmas card while in elementary,
when in junior high, i felt lazy but still willing to write.
then senior high~ i only wrote to those close to me .
now...university~only less than 5 makes me feel restless and scared~
how come ??!!
it should be something very happy right?!
but why i have that kind of change?!
though it's not suddenly~
look back now,it's really strange !!
um....what's the problem?!
maybe this year i can make some change~
Chinese New Year card instead of Christmas~

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

smell of the RAIN

after a week without any rain~it just rained suddenly!
when i walked down the street~
i smelt the rain~
have you ever noticed that before?!
when there isn't any rain for a while,and suddenly comes one~
then you can smell it as you're walking along the street.
sweet and fresh, a little bit like watermelon~
and what else i like?!
i like the smell of the sun!!
have you ever smelt your quilt when it was just put out to bask in the sun?!!
when i was a child,i always rush to hold and smell the quilt when i saw my mom getting it inside.
and what else....
oh yes~~ the smell of the green green grass!
i even felt that i become "green me" while i was enjoying ~
: )

Friday, December 16, 2005

Jazz bar--brown sugar

it was bloody cold and windy!!
i've looked forward to this night for a while~
7:30 PM
live band with Jazz music
2 singers from Las Vagas
over 80% of the customers are foreigners
i thought i was back to SF again suddenly~
familiar atmasphere, but people surrounded is different.
great experience in Taipei.
i was thinking that maybe we can play crazier before graduate.

getting colder and colder~

hot pot (chafing dish?)

it's getting colder and colder~

and almost too cold that makes me feel unwilling to go out of my home(though it's also cold at home).
SO~we decide to have chafing dish~
this is my first time in this restaurent~
but nearer i walked toward it, more "warmth and deliciousness" i could smell ~
yes!!! i can smell it!!!
we ate a lot happily~
and of course~ some alcohal is also great for winter~
we just drank ate talked and laughed !!
it's really great ,isn't it?
while outside is cold to death, we are extremely warm in our bodies & hearts !

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

endless conversation

if you talk with the right person!
you'll know that you can chat for hours and feel surprised that why you two have so many things to talk!!!
talk and talk and talk~and rarely no stop!!
just lilke Ting-ting and me !
we talked from 9 pm~
when i noticed~it's already 11:30!!
time really flies~especially under this kind of situation!
with the wrong person!!
to chat is just like a punishment!!!
from the moment you open up a topic~
brainstorm time also starts!!
under this kind of situation, even 5 min will make you feel like half an hour!!
there's a very good example.
every Mon. 3 pm,i and my classmate,Milk, do language exchange with a Japanese man.
maybe it's also because our age~
he is 37 and we are only 21!
what he knows we don't,and what we know he doesn't!!
during 90 min language exchange ~
we're trying extremely hard to find a new topic!!!
new topic new topic new topic~
but no matter what topic,once he opened his mouth..........
OH~~~NO~~~~~~IT'S OVER!!
yes!!! quickly and trackless!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

what i'm busy doing recently~

actually~it's not that busy~
but it's busy enough~for me~
busy enough to make me feel incredibly lazy to use the internet~
and of course including posting things here~ ^^''
the exchange program~
some of you might know that~
i'm preparing some paper needed ~ like the resume...etc.
some of you might ask "oh! so where do you want to go?"
of course Japan~coz that's my major.
i really have to say that i never feel that i can get the chance in this year's test~
there are too many competitors who are much better than me~
if i happen to make it ~
it's sheerly lucky!
then.....hope i'm lucky enough !!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Choco's birthday~

since high school,it's the forth year~
soon,we're heading for another stage.
maybe working,maybe keeping on studying,or maybe still wondering.......
(ok~i think the last is me...^^)
no matter what will be in the future,
hope that we'll still have time getting together like this!
anyway~happy birthday~Choco~

Sunday, December 04, 2005

from Bocchan's photo album~

just saw it in my friend's photo album.
i like it very much~
though it looks like a very old one~
full of loneliness
but it's true!
we won't be able to be like this ~
not long after~
6 months....at most


recently lots of lots of things bather me!
look around~
suddenly found out that everyone had already done some things to be well prepared!
now~for me the most terrifying question is
"what's your plan after graduate?"
and my mom kept asking me whenever it strikes her !