Monday, November 28, 2005


don't know why~
i found that my mind wonders around the world is becoming a normal condition.
it always isn't here.
at least,not where i am--Taipei !
maybe i was a Gypsy in my before life~
i've already left my 22.5cm big footprints there.
and next?
what about the last continent--Europe?

Friday, November 25, 2005


this afternoon,i went to the movies with a friend.
we watched 2,one is what you can see--crash,the other is "must love dog".
it only cost about 3 us dollars,because it's 2nd round movie(not the new one).
ok~the point i wanna talk about is about the theme of crash.
it's talking about racial discrimination.
while watching,i was thinking deeply about this issue all the time.
i believe that even in the very modern world now,it still exists!!!
how it began to happen?
under what kind of backgroud?
with what kind of reason?
how can it be existed?!!
i was thinking that maybe it's because we broke the rules of nature.
or maybe it's just because what 荀子 (a men who once debate the human issue with Confucius)had told hundreds of years ago,"human being is born bad"(while Confucius thought human being is born good).
or maybe it's because other reasons?
but why? why people can't live together peacefully?
why people have to hate or dislike somebody whom they even know nothing about?!!
still~i think there's no answer to this question~
but i remember while i was enjoying my trip in Australia 2 months before,something happened!
it was a great day for me and Vivian.
coz we went to the Great Ocean road and some other places else in that day.
before the whole day trip had ended,it was great!!!perfectly great!
until we went to a supermarket before going back to the backpacker~
while buying things for tomorrow's breakfast happily,a woman looked just normal went to us.
she kept saying things like "YOU THIS STUPID ASIAN PIG!GET BACK TO YOUR OWN PLACE!!"
something like that,i can't remember so clearly.
she just kept saying some very bad words to us!
i tried to ignore her,but she kept fallowing us all the way.
then i started pretenting that i don't understand and saying something to Vivian laughing.
but she just won't go!!
then Vivian started to get angry and stare at her!
but it seemed that she was getting more excited.
then Vivian got the idea to hit her,but i stopped.
we had just gotten what we wanted and went away.
in a good country ,a beautiful place,and during my nice vacation~
this kind of thing happened?
and we can do nothing about it!
what can i say?
what about you?Australian?

11/16~11/22 Chawalit's last day in Taipei

can't drink alcohol at very night with you guys just like the days in SF.
remember that there was a day Chawalit is totally like man out of his mind buying whole 3 bags of beer to knock Tingting's room.
the moment we opened the door-------everyone just opened eyes in a very big size and stayed what we're doing on hand, just being astonished!!!
i can never forget that!!
couldn't join you guys at very late night,so i ate breakfast with you guys in the very early morning!
last morning in Taipei~last day!
did you have fun?
i'm sure you are!!!
but not in Taipei or SF this time~
Bangkok!! ~~*>____<*~

Thursday, November 24, 2005

KTV in cash box

it's just like what we'd done in SF's Japan town.
for people who have stayed there for a while~
for people who eager for singing in the Karaoke~
so we went~we sang~we laughed~we had great fun!
this time~Chawalit was in Taipei.
sure we wanted him know how great are the karaoke(we called KTV) in Taipei!
so we went again~sang again~
and i had the illusion again.....on the other side of the earth~
on a small island in a small country called TAIWAN !

Danshui line crazy one day trip !


it's good but expensive!

and it's my first time in the Grand hotel !

we met at Yuanshan station to have lunch in the Grand hotel,then took bus to the Palace museum(met a guy from Span who can't speak Chinese but travel alone!wow~),and then went to Danshui station to look around the famous streets,then went back to Jiantan station enjoying the nightmarket.

hu~~~~what a tiresome day!!and i've never tried so many food in a day!i think i ate at least 15 kinds of it!though they are good~but you know~~too much is not so good for stomach!

still~it's happy to be a guide !

the Taipei MRT station map

Chawalit's first night in Taipei

the restaurent called "double fish".
haha~~look we're so happy!!
sometimes we all have a illusion that we're still in SF now~
the same people but on the other side of the earth !!
i wonder when, how long it will take until we gather again next time?

Thursday, November 17, 2005


remember that i just said it was extremely hot last weekend?
but not now!!after 3 days~it's getting extremely cold !!
yes!! it's time for muffler !!
i think there's no other things more "winter-like" than a muffler~
it warms not just my neck,my body,but also my heart.
it's maffler's season

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

today's briefing of exchange program

other than sign ,i got nothing~
i think i need to find another way for my future after graduation.
according to it,
i don't think i can get the qualification to exchange to Japan for a year.
too many competitors~
especially in my school,
there are always some people making others astonished !!
some people you can't never imagine what else they can do!!
"did they get enough fun in their childhood? "
"how can they be soooo great in everything?!!"
i wish i can be one of them~
i wish there's one day someone say the same thing to me~

Monday, November 14, 2005

meet Jun in Taipei

start from left are Yui(?),Ben,Takuya,Jun,Syoko(?).actually i only know Jun.but it's great to go out with you guys~probably Jun and Takuya are already on your way to the airport. i believe you guys definitely have unforgetable memories during these 3 days.haha~Jun!don't fall into the lake again! Takuya!頑張って!hope one day your tongue is tough enough to eat hot food ! : D

anyway!very happy to see you here!!!

and welcome to Taiwan!!!

hey~~~is there anyone coming?! i'm sure i'm a good tourguide!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yang-ming mountain

we stayed in the library for a long long time~coz there're too many exams to prepare~when we're talking about going out to play for a while~and today it finally came true!

and you know what?!

on this mountain,there were lots of cattles eating grass .one of my friends have never seen it before~when we're wondering that why there isn't one and went ask the people working there.

he just said "there isn't any now",and lowered his head laughing secretly.


on the Yang-ming mountain~~

it's really very beautiful there~

many people took their children and pets there~

and did you see the kid behind us~

ha!!!he is totally crazy~runing up and down and yelling loudly!

the SECERT bus stop !

we couldn't find the bus stop~though we know it must be near!

see~~it's really not easy to see~coz it's in the tree~

Friday, November 11, 2005


everyone is coming to Taipei !!
Jun probably just got off the airplane on the way to Taipei now.
Chawalit is coming next Wed.
looks like that everyone is very happy and very excited about it!!!
i might be able to get back the feeling when we're in SF!

sleeping dog in the nightmarket

i took this last year!
it was at the shi-lin nightmarket!
the store sold all kinds of chairs~
and this dog just slept on the most comfortable one in this kind of position!
"hey~~~aren't you too comfortable?!"

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

readings in classical Japanese literature!

tomorrow!mid-term test of this class.
why why why~~
sometimes i feel confused why i learn those things?
and,will i still remember them after a period?or even the test?
Japanese map in the past.about 70 countries in all.
oh no~~~~~~i don't understand i don't understand!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


last semester,i chose yoga as my sport class.
since the semester was over, i hadn't exercised for a while~
today is my first class of kick boxing.
it's quite interesting!
looking at myself in the mirror while learning........
there's only 1 word that describes me perfectly.....
i thought i saw a monkey trying to imitate human being~
i'm really not the type !

happy for you 2!

really happy for you two!
~Sara and Chawalit~
this is a big news for me!!!
but i'm not so surprised!
this is meant to happen!
but what will happen in the future?
nobody knows~
anyway~good luck!
祝你們幸福喔!! >_<

Sunday, November 06, 2005

oh~~~~~~not again~!!!!

about a month ago, a call from a classmate of elementary school!
after picked it up~i was SUPER regretful !!!!!!!
how's that?! i felt extremely strange myself !!!
we're classmates in the last 2 years of elementary school(6 in all).
but the point is that we're actually not in the same group, i didn't know him,and of course we didn't keep in touch at all.
that afternoon he called, naturally i answered.
we talked for about half an hour.
he's really talktive,actually i wanted to end in 5 mins,but i can't!
he kept talking talking talking,like we're really close in elementary.
he said that he just felt like to know how's everyone doing now,and hope to have a reunion.
i was happy if there's a reunion,so i said "yes,i'll go!"
and finally,the conversation was going to end,before i hung up,he asked that if it's possible to have a meal or something.
i said "of course!", coz i also hope to see everybody.
but i was wrong!.......................
3 days later,he called again, asked when i was free to have a meal together?
this is totally OK for me.a meal with old friends,why not??!!
but the strange thing is that he started to ask whether i have a boyfriend and say something strange....bala bala~~
um.................and suddenly~ that meal is just only he and i !!!
i thought there will be 10 or least more than 2 !!!
i thought it might be quite strange if there's just 2 of us,especially i didn't know him,though we're classmates......
so i refused~
after that,he called again and again.....3 or 4 times.
and stopped for a period~
untill last night!!!!!
that's right~he called!!!!!!!!!
have you ever shouted"OH!NO~~!!"loudly in your mind once you saw the name who called on your cellphone??????
i think that's the only way for me to express exactly how i feel right at that moment!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

weather changes too much!!

2 days before,it was a little bit cold !
everybody started to wear their long sleeves clothes,and put on their jacket,even more~sweater.
but now, the sun went back and worked as hard as it's summer!
grey cloud and cold wind went back home taking a rest!!
have you ever seen it??!!
after staying in the library for about 5 hours,
the moment i stepped out of the big big door,
what i saw was a clear colorful sky with some clouds perfectly on it!
what a beautiful day!