Saturday, October 29, 2005


dear mid-term test is right there!!
though school make a specific week called "mid-term test week",
sometimes it may last for a month!
well~it depends!
but the problem is that in a whole year~
i choose to catch cold in this important period.........
ha! ..............T_T.....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

制服日 uniform day?

yesterday~Maki asked me about whether there is such thing that we wear our high school uniform to school(University) now?
of course~the answer is YES!!
i wonder that any country any University do this kind of things?
a little bit stupid...though~
but why???why we still want to wear our high school uniform to University?
um......i'm quite curious about it actually!!
but i think!!!
maybe it's because we want to see other people's uniform~
we want to know how other's look in their uniform~
and maybe there's no reason~
it's simply because we don't have uniform now,we want to wear it!
um..........i don't know~
it had already become a tradition in our Uni.
no matter what department you are in!
there will be definitely at least a day that everybody wear their high school uniform to class!
especially freshmen,they do this at least once in a semester!!
of course,if you don't want to wear~it's all up to you!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

get to know the sky! 認識星空!

this is the name of a course i take this semester~
i like the teacher very very much!!
no wonder that every year there are at least over 300 students wanting to attend it!
in this class,except the knowledge we should learn,teacher also make us to think!!!
think about everything!!!!! everything happened everyday which we should notice!!
some teacher know a lot and know how to teach!
but he is more than that!!!!!
he know how to teach!
not only the knowledge on the book but the things we really need to think about!!!
for me~this is what teacher should do !!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

sky at night!

um......i wish i had a much better camera!!
due to the class,i have to observe the stars and the moon every night!
at first,i don't really like this homework!
coz i have to be at the same spot on the same time for 1 month!
a whole month!!!
but these days, i feel that i can finally understand why teacher wants us to do this!!
at night~though it's still quite light in Taipei,
it's enough for me to see those light stars and the moon!
i never thought that the sky can be so beautiful even in the city!!
my camera is not good enough~
as you can see,there are the moon and the 101 building(tallest in the world now)!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Japanese conversation class.

today's topic is about the differences between men in Taiwan& Japan!
most of us are not men,so we're not 100% sure about everything.
but~there are some points!
Taiwanese men
1. don't care so much about their outfit.
2. some of them are male chauvinists(not included young men)
3. when dating,most of them won't let women pay.
Japanese men
1. care about their outfit very much.(very fashionable)
2. most of them like to buy brand things.
3. most of them are male chauvinists.
4. love someone easily,love another quickly!!
those are just stereotype!
but still! i'm very curious about the male chauvinism!
we all know that in Taiwan,though it still exists,women are becoming more and more powerful!
but how about Japan?
our teacher said that though everyone says they don't like it,they actually accept it!!!
how's that??
anyone can tell me why?

Monday, October 17, 2005

it's getting cooler now~

it's getting cooler here~
but this morning,when i went out of the library~
i saw a dog sleeping peacefully just beside the door~
even the dog can't stand the hot,choosing the best place to take a nap!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

the 4th year in University.

my classmates~where am i ?! ^^
this morning we took the photos right in front of the library.
time flys~
everyone felt shocked and nervous at the same time!
i felt very very lucky to enter this department!
i felt very very happy to be your classmate,to know you guys!!
photo time was happy time for us!
but after it finished,i was filled with feelings of emptiness!!
the last year!what will i do? what i will do?!!
what next? what will i choose??
actually!! i'm quite confused

Saturday, October 15, 2005

嚴以律己 寬以待人

sometimes~i wonder that how come there are some people i can never get along with!!?
is that my problem?or it's that person's problem??!!
is that because we have something in common or sth really different???
back to myself!
i think i need to fallow the old Chinese proverb!
嚴以律己 寬以待人
strict to yourself, soft to the others.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


it's quite interesting!!
thought it's Japanese,i totally can't understand!!!
and the intonation is totally different!!
today i learned some new sentences of Kansaiben,
and listened a very popular but old song called "河内のおっさん"!
sometimes it's hard to believe but they are the same language!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


isn't it cute?! it makes me feel like having a cat!!!!
famous traditional dessert~best for HOT summer!!!
it's called "九份" here.
i like this place coz it's quite different from Taipei.
it's difficult for me to depict in English~
there you can sense the tradition....somehow....
but today!! i felt that i wasn't actually there.....
i mean~ i don't think i'm in Taiwan!
coz there are more and more tourists now~
Japanese,Cantonses,English......and some language i can't tell~

Saturday, October 08, 2005


though the reality is sometimes cruel.....extremly cruel...
maybe knowing the truth is not that bad.
at least~i can face it now!!

でも  悲しいな~

Monday, October 03, 2005