Tuesday, August 30, 2005

~* new hair style *~......O_o...

haha~~isn't it short?!
coz the weather in Taipei is way too hot!!
thought i didn't expext it would be this short~~

Sunday, August 28, 2005

a wonderful lunch with everybody!!

just like the name of the restaurant--amigo~
Somos amigos!!
it's really great to have lunch with you guys!!
i enjoyed a lot!!
not only the food~but also the topic we were talking about!!
and Kame!
did you see it?we did what you wanted us to do---cheers~!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

sorry for the delay~

hey guys~
sorry for that!!i know that i'd disappeared for a period~
that's because i'm trying to get everything in order~include my mind~
um....~it's not so easy for me~
especially there are lots of things to do !!
OK! so~~what i'm doing since i came back?
unpacked for about 4 days~
watched DORAMA(it's a good way to learn a language)~
bought a guide book of Australia~
read it for a week and surfed the internet for more specific information~
planned the whole schedule~
booked the domestic tickets(actually,i planned to take train,but it's too late.then i thought of the greyhound bus,but it takes time and not so cheap)
found hostels~
contacted with my friend living in Sydney~
worked part-time job to earn very little money~
get ready to the school~
and most important of all---prepared for the toefl............

~* 復古風 *~

好啦.....其實是裝可愛跟...當個好吃鬼!! XD

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

museum in mitaka


in Sara's room~

haha~~those in the frige are all beers~~lots of beers~
when in Sara's room~we liked to take lots of strange or funny photos~
i , my sis and Can used to stay in Sara's room at night~
for me~it's one of the place full of my precious memories.

the wine country

i drank lots of wine that day~
felt sottish all the way~


there's a little path right beside the "FORE-" Jack London Village~isn't it beautiful?the background~
both Sara and i like this photo very much~everybody looks very happy~though we were actually tired to death ~ ^^

one day tour in Oakland~
do you why Oakland is called Oakland?
it's because there were lots of lots of oak trees here~
the city is famous for the oak trees~


masks made by the prisoners~
it used to be the prisoners' shower room~
now they put some photos with some words they wanted to say (like...what kind of crime they commit,or how they feel about the prison's system...etc)
i stayed in this room for most of my time~
once you read their words you would soon be influenced by the strange atmosphere there.

my classmates and my teachers in intrax!

the man with the glasses is Christian,the man without the glasses is Warren~
i like him very much!! he's quite good at teaching~

i enjoy studying in a language school~

there you can meet people from all over the world~
there you can experience the different life style ~
there you can learn lots of things which you can't from your normal school~
there you can see and feel the whole world!!!
and the most important of all!!
there will be a great deal of precious memories in your mind!

the hearst castle!

這是我第一個參觀的城堡~嗯...有錢人真好!! いいな~~

OK!! here's the conclusion!!

everything is in a BIG size there!!