Saturday, July 23, 2005

YOSEMITE national park

this is the photo with Chaowalit(Thai),Ting-Ting(Taiwan),my sis,and me!!!

WOW~~~~~we took part in the chinatown tour!it was cheap,but the schedule was not so good!!

but it's OK!!coz we had a great time during this short trip.we drank beer in our room,

and took lots of funy pictures !!it's really great to go out with friend!!!

i want to say "Thank YOU" to you!!!realy!!! it was really very very very great to meet you !!!

~>___<~ thank you ~~ SINCERELY!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

thursday night~ another party night!!!

oh!!!! believe me!!!!
i was not what i am now when i was in Taiwan!!
i went back home before 12~~
i went to library after school~
i don't skip any class !!! just 3 times..^^

i just want to try!!
try the night life they have!!
try to see what's the difference between!!
haha!!! i do try!
and i tried a lot!!!
drank alcohol with friends~dancing crazily with them!!!!!
it was FANTASTIC!!!! ^____^

the cable car bell ringing contest!!

last Thursday,i went to Union square to see to cable car bell ringing contest!!
it was actually a little bit boring~but it was interesting!!
i'm always interested in new things!!!!!! happy to try!!!
there is a cable car in the square.lots of people standing,sitting around it and enjoyed it!!!
using a bell to make good music is not easy~i think!
but some of them are very good!!!!!
and i also saw a man wearing a BANANA DRESS!!
he is some kind of salesman~~
when there is music ~the banana man started to dance!!!!
it was so so so so funny!!!
wheather was nice!! everyboby smiled!!!
and i'm so~~~satisfied with my life!!!
everything is perfect!!!
what can i expect more!!!!!!?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Let's ride across the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!!!

i've never done thing like that before!!
riding the bicycle along the coast, ride through the bridge,and then to a very beautiful town,at last take a ferry back to the fisherman's wharf!!
the scenery i saw was just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
it was so so so great that makes me feel i have no regreat to come here!!!!!!
i was astonished by what i've seen!!!!!
though it was very very very tiresome,it's worth it!!!


i went to a very very big pub with my friends!!
there are 8 of us in total.4 Japanese,1 Korean,3 Taiwanese.
the ticket cost me 20 us dollars!!!!
it was really expensive there!!!!!!
and before you go inside of the pub,they have to check if you bring anything dangerous on you.
so~~~i was checked !!!! though it was by a woman,it didn't feel so good and make me feel embarrassed!!!
at first,there is only the grond floor that opens for dancing.
when we get inside, the very first sight we saw is so strangs!!!
because people there just standing alone the wall,looking at a few people dancing embarrassedly!
HAHA!!!and the lights there is SO bright!!!!!
the most weird thing is that there is a big wall mirrow,just like the mirrow in the ballet classroom!!!so strange!!
in the beginning,we just standing there and felt embarrassed!!
but later,there were more and more people dancing in the center of the room crazily!
and there are some other floor open for people where there are totally different type of the music and the lights!!
it's getting much funner there!!
and you can see people dancing as if there is some kind of ghost on them!!!
we dancing happily there!!
and had a great time that night!
but it was way too tired..................................-_-....

Sunday, July 10, 2005

UC Berkeley

i went there yesterday, and i was astonished!!!!!
compared with NTU,its campus is so so so huge!
and the buildings there is so so so~~beautiful!!!

i think it's worth to go out to see the world!!!
no........i think everyone should do that!!! if you can!!

there is an old Chinese saying that goes,"a frog in the "
i think i was the frog . but i'm not now!!!

friend? good friend?

i've been wondering for this question for a while~
i LOVE to make friends!!!! of course!!!
but.....friend?i think it's simple.
what about good friend? close friend?or best friend??????
where is the line? and how do you define??

what if you open your mind to them?
but you didn't get any response?

um....................what about you?
i'm friends? i'm talking with you now!!!
are we friends? of course we are!!!
but.....are we good friends??
......................I'M CONFUSED!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

the dependence day!

i went to the fisherman's wharf to see the celebrate fireworks!!
we got there at about 7,and the fireworks started from 9:30............-_-....
so!! we start to eat ice-cream.
but later~i felt extremly regret for that!!!!!!!!
first,the ice cream is so expensive though it was great!!!
i choose the flavor of "CHUNKY MONKEY".
yes!! the ice cream is banana flavor,and there are some black chocolate and nuts in it!!
it was perfectly great!!!!
second! the wheather there got colder and colder!!'s not just cold!it's freeze!! freeze to death!!!!! oh my god!!
before the fireworks starts,some of us can't stnad it!
and then....guess what?!
we go to buy some ugly but cheap jackets which have really big words--SAN FRANCISCON in the front........-_-........haha!!
my sister bought one.
as for me,i won't give in to!!!NEVER!!!

IT'S SUMMER!?.....yeah...alright!!!

every one,it's been a while since my last article.
yap!!i'm in SF now!
the computer here is not too good ,so i might not be able to post any picture recently.
except for that i can find another place to use a better computer.

i thought it's summer here now!
but!!!!actually,when i came here,i felt so~~~~regret for not bringing enough clothes with me!
though it's summer here,it's not the summer i thought!
it's not the summer we used to have in Taiwan!! gee~~~~~~~~
it's not just cool, it COLD here!!
so~~~on the second day ,i went to NIKE to buy a new jacket................
i think this is the first time that i didn't feel happy when i got a new clothes......T_T

Friday, July 01, 2005